Pop-Up Pilates Week Fall 2017

Six lightly edited, downloadable, videos from Pop-Up Pilates Week Fall 2017

These videos originally aired on the Create Move Pilates Facebook Page. Due to the events popularity I decided to offer these courses available as a package for $90, only $15 a video. Keep this video series and do it from every where. Each 30-minute video is centered around a theme and is a fantastic workout. Themes include; Work Your Core, Lower Body Love, Awesome Arms, Pilates Posture, Abs and Arms, and Stretch and Release.

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What really made me fall in love with Pilates was that when I began to focus on my center physically I began to find my center mentally. It gave me time to check in with myself which became a habit that I carried with me throughout the day. My chronic hip and shoulder pain vanished and I began to see my body in a different light. I began to see my body as having infinite potential, that through my Pilates practice I was really capable of anything. I even tried out for Roller Derby and began to sew.

I have always wanted to be a teacher in some capacity and take pride in the flow of my fun and creative group classes and my attention to detail and the individual in private sessions. Students often tell me how good they feel after a session and quickly talk of feeling stronger in a variety of activities, chronic pain just melts away, and many people talk of feeling taller and more confident.

I am proud to be certified through Balanced Body’s 500-hour Complete Certification Program. I believe that a successful teacher is also a perpetual student. Since my training I have attended multiple Pilates workshops, online and in-person. I am an active member of an active Pilates mentor group that meets multiple times a year and encourages lively Pilates discussion and further education. I have been teaching since 2013 at Pilates Collective in Sebastopol, Ca.

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